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CronJ’s handpicked web of resources builds web solutions. These are beyond merely being attractive. Developers from Cronj are specialized in using React Native Development technologies. This enables them to build innovative, responsive websites. Besides, our efficiency is proven by a high volume of web traffic. Delivering high-quality services is our prime aim. Adding to it is customer satisfaction. These enable us to create experiences. In turn, this makes customers come back to us and get their services done.
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Why React Native is used for Mobile Applications rather than Flutter App?

You all are aware of the two popular hybrid app development frameworks i.e., React Native and Flutter. A fusion of native and web applications, hybrid apps are instrumental in developing cost-effective and quick mobile applications. Both of these frameworks are employed in the development of cross-platform apps, chiefly for Android and iOS. Both of these frameworks enable a single codebase for any platform.

To understand how React Native is better than Flutter, let us first understand these frameworks.


Flutter, one of the latest frameworks, is a UI software building kit. It is developed by Google with a premier open-source framework. This advanced tool uses the Dart programming language. Flutter has both a 2D rendering engine called Skia and C++ engine. It enables component implementation without the presence of OEM widgets.

Some of the leading brands that use Flutter for app development are Alibaba, Groupon, Sonos, Hamilton Musical, etc.

React Native

React Native, released in 2013 for web interface development, is a Facebook product. From 2015, it supported cross-platform apps. With its release in 2019, it is highly stable. With a single JS code, it provides a native-like experience for both Android and iOS.

Some leading companies that use React Native are Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Tesla, Bloomberg, Uber, etc.

Parameters of Comparison

Performance Analysis

Flutter functions smoothly with the presence of Skia graphics. It does not have any frame drops. Moreover, it takes less than 16 milliseconds to load. The Skia provides the UI the power of maintaining itself. The absence of bridges speeds up the interactions.

However, React Native uses third-party plugins for enhanced performance. In the lack of these libraries, frames consume more than 16milliseconds for loading. The presence of the bridge affects the speed and run-time of the React Native apps.

Complexity Handling

Both these open-source frameworks support third-party plugins. A close inspection reveals that React Native suits better to build complex apps. However, it is necessary to utilize Native development skills. Hence, make sure you hire an experienced React Native app development company for your services. Flutter suits better to create faster MVPs and prototyping. It makes room for necessary changes according to user preferences.


It is easier to locate the error with Flutter. The OEM debugger and DevTools make it easier to understand the errors. However, with React Native, locating the bug is challenging. Hence, React Native came up with a new tool for rescue i.e Flipper.

Packages and Libraries

React Native has a vast ecosystem. Node Package Manager hosted 1.3 million packages in 2020. These packages suit both web and mobile app development. Flutter has a dynamically growing pub-dev repository.

User Interface
Flutter provides built-in widgets that replace native components. The widgets are visuals, structural, and interactive. However, React Native provides external kits to build UI. Although it is dependent on native components, these UI kits ensure attractive and smooth interface designs.

Any person who has a hold on JavaScript can easily learn React Native. Every developer with web app development experience can develop mobile apps. All it needs is additional knowledge of libraries. Documents and videos help the learning process.

Many people are not familiar with Dart. It is developer-friendly. Aspiring developers can learn a new language.

Industry Trends

StackOverflow Survey mentions that Flutter ranks 65.4%. Though it has a lesser job market, it is gaining popularity and has a bright future. On the other hand, React Native was opted by 62.5% and has better job opportunities.

Cross-platform Capacity

Flutter has all the SDKs that allow code reusability across various platforms. However, React Native allows the developers to build cross-platform apps that are compatible with android, iOS, web, and desktop.
Community Support

Interest in both these frameworks has increased over the years with each update. Since its launch, around 2200 React Native developers have shared their understanding on Github. More than 20 thousand live projects seek collaboration with developers across the world. You can find React native developers on various platforms such as Reddit, Stack Overflow, Discord, Telegram, and others.

However, though Flutter is new, it has 700 online contributors. When compared to React Native, flutter has fewer live projects. Flutter developers are found on platforms like Slack, Gitter, Discord.

The Future

React native is stable for the past three years. However, some consider this a stagnancy. The below report by Google trends holds a mirror against the firm grip of react native development in the hybrid app development industry.

Instead of replacing itself with any other technology, React Native focuses on evolving itself. React Native has influenced many other technologies with features such as instant reloading.

The improvisation chart of React Native is as follows. It aims to revise native models to ensure higher safety and faster reloading. On the other hand, the re-architecture plan is called Fabric. It sets the goal of improving flexibility and smoother integration. The final stage focuses on restructuring the APIs. Thus, connecting with JavaScript engines will be made easier.

To Conclude

The below Statista chart shows how React Native is popular than Flutter.

React Native is preferred by most developers for cross-platform app development. The active improvisation has helped to overcome the flaws. It empowers the future too with easy integration and communication.

Are you in search of a budget-friendly solution yet with great design and performance? Then, unlock wider benefits with ease by hiring for react native development company india. Transform your business with enterprise-grade innovative apps using React Native.

React Native App Development Company

CronJ’s handpicked web of resources builds web solutions. These are beyond merely being attractive. Developers from Cronj are specialized in using React Native Development technologies. This enables them to build innovative, responsive websites. Besides, our efficiency is proven by a high volume of web traffic. Delivering high-quality services is our prime aim. Adding to it is customer satisfaction. These enable us to create experiences. In turn, this makes customers come back to us and get their services done.
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Make a wise choice when it comes to yoga teacher training!

Yoga has had a meteoric rise in popularity in recent years. Every day, more than 36 million individuals in the United States practice Yoga! Almost 2 billion individuals practice Yoga every day, according to some estimates! As a result, the need for highly-trained Yoga instructors has risen as well. In India, Yoga instruction has traditionally been passed down through generations through the Guru-Shishya parampara. The Shishya would spend at least 12 years with the Guru to master the fundamentals. However, a substantial number of new teachers entering the sector today lack that type of preparation. Yoga is a lifelong passion that needs consistent and rigorous practice. Though advanced Yoga instruction is currently solely offered through the Guru-Shishya lineage, some standardized training forms that are acceptable in the west are available at schools worldwide.

With so many schools springing up suddenly and so many yoga teachers are offering ad hoc instruction, deciding on a curriculum that would provide you with a solid foundation on which to build accurate information. Do you have a say in what sells? Do you want to study and understand the 'real' Yoga? Do you choose a program that teaches cross-training or one that exposes you to Yoga that is so comprehensive that it doesn't require any further gimmicks? Learning something that isn't correct and then having to correct it afterward is a waste of time! You'll be investing a significant amount of time and money in your training, so make an educated and sensible decision right now!

Yoga Teacher Trainees with limited time can learn online. However, several top registries need a certain amount of contact hours for registration. Anyone looking for the best yoga certification program should discover one by following the suggestions below.



The International Yoga Federation is the world's most extensive Yoga Teacher Registry. The Yoga Alliance of the United States is one of the largest yoga teacher databases in the world. The Worldwide Yoga Alliance, Canada is a new Yoga registry with a defined mission and goal. There are several more registrations available. These registries have established minimal criteria where none previously existed. Only individuals who complete their study at a Registered Yoga School are registered with these Yoga Registries. Look for the labels RYS/RSY 200 and RYS/RSY 300. Don't be fooled into thinking that once you've completed their training, you'll be able to apply for Yoga registration on your own. Only Yoga Schools that are registered with the central registers will be accepted for training.

Click here to see if the yoga school you're interested in is registered with Yoga Alliance. Make sure you type in the city and state while searching. For example, would you mind going here to confirm your registration with the Worldwide Yoga Alliance, Canada (WWYA)? If you merely enter in the studio's name, you could receive false search results.

Teachers can be trained up to RYT/ RTY 200 in RYS/ RSY 200 schools. RYS/ RSY 300 schools can provide additional training to enable you to register as an RYT/ RTY 500. The advantage of an RYS/ RSY 300 school over an RYS/ RSY 500 school is that 500 hours of training may be completed in two stages: 200 hours and 300 hours. However, you can't split your workout into two locations at an RYS/RSY 500 institution.

Teachers in RYS/ RSY 300 or RSY 500 schools should, on average, have more experience. Yoga is, at its core, experiential knowledge; nuances can only be grasped by practice. When you reflect on your yoga practice, you'll see how different it is now compared to the first day you started!

With recognized branches in Canada and India, SAVY International Inc. is an RYS/ RSY 200 and RYS 300/ RSY 500 Yoga School.


Knowledge transmission is more than simply the delivery of sermons from afar. Not every program is of high quality. A principal instructor of the course and additional assistant teachers are present in every yoga teacher training program. Examine the primary and other instructors' experiences. A solid theoretical foundation is also required. You want an instructor that is up to date and can help you become ready to teach.

Dr. Jitender K Sahdev, Director of Teaching at SAVY, is a Traditional Yoga teacher with over 50,000 hours of expertise. He uses Yoga as a supplementary therapy for enhancing the health and well-being of his students and alleviating the sensations of pain and stiffness associated with disease in his clients. In addition, he is an Indian physician with over three decades of expertise in Modern Medicine. For more than four decades, he studied Yoga under the tutelage of India's doyens. In Canada, he also works as a Yoga Therapist, Ayurveda Consultant, and Wellness Coach.

SAVY has five E-RYT 500 Yoga teachers. All of them are members of the Yoga Alliance in the United States and the WWYA in Canada. You may look out for our teachers' qualifications here.

Pre-Course Experience – You

Yoga originated in India, and its early writings are written in Sanskrit/Vedic. For a completely new trainee, all of the new words and concepts may be daunting. It's a good idea to start preparing for the course by attending yoga sessions and reading good yoga literature to give you a working vocabulary and foundation. A reputable program will ask you to document your experience and provide some pre-course or supplementary training.

Buying online outside the European Union

If, on the one hand, shopping online has become the most convenient way to go shopping, this growth in e-commerce has led to changes in VAT rules. And it is already in July that these changes have an impact: the VAT exemption on purchases outside the European Union (EU) worth less than 22 euros comes to an end.
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With this, all extra-community online purchases will pay Value Added Tax (VAT) from July 1, 2021, regardless of the value of the item.
What are extra-community purchases?
The answer couldn't be simpler: all purchases made on online platforms based outside the countries that make up the European Union (EU).
However, this process becomes more complicated when these extra-community purchases include territories that, even within EU Member States, for tax purposes, are considered extra-community, and are therefore subject to customs control and payment of VAT.
These are the exceptions:
  • Germany (Busing)
  • Spain (Canary Islands, Territories of Ceuta and Melilla, Andorra)
  • France (Martinique, French Guiana, Reunion Island and Guadeloupe)
  • Greece (Mount Athos)
  • Italy (San Marino and Vatican)
  • United Kingdom (Guernsey, Jersey, Isle of Mann and Gibraltar)
Furthermore, it is important to know that, also for tax purposes, you must take into account the country of origin of the shipment and not the country of the online store.
Buying online outside the EU: what will change?
These new VAT rules for online commerce were designed to adapt the tax to the new reality.
Initially, the end of the VAT exemption on extra-community purchases was expected to take effect as early as January 1, 2021. However, the pandemic has delayed this process. But it is certain that this exemption for purchases outside the EU will disappear on 1 July. So, for those who like to buy online, the best thing is to enjoy it now!
Because from July 2021, in order to be charged VAT when shopping online, all EU imports must be declared at the border using an electronic customs declaration. In other words, all items sold from a country outside the EU will have to be declared and subject to VAT applicable in the destination country – 23% in Portugal.
The good news is that customs procedures for declaring these items will be simpler!
Simplify administrative and bureaucratic processes
The application of this new directive, if done using the normal customs declaration, would become a time-consuming and time-consuming process, not only for sellers, but also for the entire computer system of European customs.
Read More:
It should be remembered that the electronic customs declaration, compared to the normal customs declaration, now requires a smaller set of data suitable for low value orders.
That's why these new rules came to simplify the administrative and bureaucratic procedures that companies face.
In short, what changes is:
  • The obligation to pay VAT and/or customs duties from 1 July for products from outside the Community, regardless of the date they were purchased and the value;
  • The need, on some online sales sites, for consumers to have the option of paying VAT at the time of purchase;
  • The possibility of VAT and/or customs duties may continue to be paid upon entry into Portugal, with consumers having to follow the customs clearance process on the Customs Clearance Portal.
Buying online: the advantages of the new VAT rules
Shopping online is the new reality and there is no getting away from it. E-commerce is a growing area in Portugal, but with the pandemic, online sales grew even more all over the world. For the EU, this growth is an opportunity to standardize procedures between the different EU countries.
With the entry into force of these new rules, the tax authorities promise to simplify the entire process for paying VAT on these extra-community orders. It's supposed to be all online, simple, responsive and fast. All of this turns out to be an advantage, since, until now, products were sometimes held up for no apparent reason at customs and it was a complicated process to clear them through customs.
If you sell online, strictly respond to the new VAT rules
These new rules are part of the European Union's broader agenda to combatVAT fraud in ecommerce and improve administrative performance in internet sales.
But if you have an ecommerce project, then finding the best ally in managing the entire business is the first step to comply with all legal and tax obligations without neglecting profitability. With Jasmin, an   ideal management software for ecommerce business, invoicing is no longer an obstacle to management.
Quickly and intuitively, Jasmin allows you to issue invoices, automatically configuring VAT rates, in addition to offering benefits such as the option for multiple languages, currencies, exchange rate and tax regime. Besides, it’s free for the first six months or until you reach 30,000 euros in billing!
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ECOCITY is the “future of smart living”. It is about you and your family! It’s about the luxury of time and the abundance of open space. Following a detailed study, across all sections of society, into the real wishlist of discerning buyers, we have created an unparalleled gated community which amalgamates the fundamental importance of nature and the outdoors while providing the most futuristic amenities and infrastructure to make for a soul-satisfying and trouble-free living.
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